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Lord’s Cricket Ground, commonly known as simply Lord’s, is a cricket stadium in St John’s Wood, London. It was named after its founder, Thomas Lord, and is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Middlesex County Cricket Club, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the European Cricket Council (ECC), and until August 2005, the International Cricket Council (ICC) all call it home. The Home of Cricket is widely referred to as Lord’s.

The site of the Lord’s cricket ground, on which it was first built in 1787 and where it is still played today, is not its original location; it is the third of three grounds that Lord erected between 1787 and 1814. His first ground, now known as Lord’s Old Ground, was located where Dorset Square now stands. From 1811 to 1813, his second ground, Lord’s Middle Ground, served as a cricket venue before being abandoned to make way for the Regent Canal canalization project through its outfield. The current Lord’s ground is located 250 yards (230 m) north-west of the Middle Ground. The facility has a capacity of 30,000 spectators. Plans are being discussed to enhance capacity and comfort. It was suggested in December 2013 that the ground be rebuilt at a cost of approximately £200 million over 14 years.

Lord’s Cricket Stadium

  • Full Name: Lord’s Cricket Ground
  • Location: St John’s Wood, London
  • Operator: Not Known
  • Capacity: 31,100
  • Surface: Seam Bowling Pitch
  • Floodlights: Yes
  • End names: Pavilion End, Nursery End
  • Boundary Length (Dimension): Not Known
  • Also known as: Lord’s | Lord’s Stadium | Lord’s Ground

Record & Stats

T20 Stats

Total Match Played: 8
Batting First Won: 5
Batting Second Won: 3
Tie: 0
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 150
Highest Score: Pakistan 175/5
Lowest Score: Netherlands 93/10
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 150: 3
Score between 150 and 169: 4
Score between 170 and 189: 1
Above Score 190: 0

ODI Stats

Total Match Played: 66
Batting First Won: 31
Batting Second Won: 33
Tie: 2
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 242
Highest Score: England 334/4
Lowest Score: South Africa 107/10
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 200: 14
Score between 200 and 249: 21
Score between 250 and 299: 22
Above Score 300: 9

T20 Domestic

Total Match Played: 32
Batting First Won: 17
Batting Second Won: 14
Tie: 1
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 170
Highest Score: Surrey 223/7
Lowest Score: Middlesex 80/10
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 150: 9
Score between 150 and 169: 9
Score between 170 and 189: 4
Above Score 190: 10

Is Lord’s Cricket Ground Batting Or Bowling Pitch?

The pitch is composed of dry pitch and batmen and spin bowlers, as well as somewhat grassy, which aids seam bowlers pitch. As a result, it’s critical to choose whether to bat or bowl first in the surface. Batting first has won 31 teams and batting second has won 32 teams in 67 entire games played here.

Ground Information

Owner – Marylebone Cricket Club

Establishment ( Situated In ) – 1814

Address – St John’s Wood Rd, London NW8 8QN, United Kingdom

Official Website – https://www.lords.org/

Contact Number: +44 20 7616 8500

E-mail[email protected]


  •  England and Wales Cricket Board


Despite a lengthy rebuilding effort in recent years, Lord’s is still a cricket ground rather than a soulless arena like many other renowned stadiums that have been. Many cricketers continue to regard playing in a Test at Lord’s, which is still widely recognized as the home of cricket, as the high point of their profession.

The third of Thomas Lord’s grounds, which had been in use since 1814, was completed in 1814 and became the world’s major cricket venue quickly. While cricket has fallen behind other worldwide sports, and the game itself has grown commercial, Lord’s has retained its status as a spiritual home.

The Marylebone Cricket Club owns the ground, which has been used by both the ECB and the ICC since 1909.

The pavilion, which is painted in terracotta, was constructed in 1890 and is still one of the world’s most recognized structures. The Warner Stand, built in 1958 and named after Sir Pelham “Plum” Warner, is located next to the pavilion on a clockwise tour around the ground.

International Information

  • First Test: 21–23 July 1884: England v  Australia
  • Last Test: 12–16 August 2021: England v  India
  • First ODI: 26 August 1972: England v  Australia
  • Last ODI: 10 July 2021: England v  Pakistan
  • First T20: 5 June 2009: England v  Netherlands
  • Last T20: 29 July 2018: Nepal v  Netherlands

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